Are you a natural born rebel?

Rebel School is an online space where I will teach you how to create trouble in the good way. It is a space for innovators, change makers, women who feel called for something bigger. 


You know – the ones like you:


If you feel like you've never fit in...


If office culture has always made you cringe...


If you feel anything but traditional...


Stop denying your inner rebel. It is your sacred gift!


You were born to go against the grain.


The rules have never quite applied to you. There's a better way and YOU know it. You have a natural born ability to create, innovate, and think outside the box. 


But society has wounded you with its labels of "outcast."


And you feel unsettled because you know you're not walking your true path.


I see you and the brilliance behind your troublemaker attitude.

Because while others see a rebel without a cause, I know there is so much more to your actions than shenanigans.


Your soul’s purpose is to make a real difference in this world.


Enter Rebel School. The transformative program that will take you from feeling like a square peg in a round hole to understanding your true calling, healing the wounds that have held you back, and receive the tools to take action in all areas of your life.


What is Rebel School?


Rebel School is for you if: 

  • You know you have something unique to offer the world but you struggle with getting out there or aren’t sure how to do so effectively

  • Every time you go to take a leap, you end up bogged down by imposter syndrome and end up giving up or changing plans

  • The wounds of being labelled an outcast are holding you back from connecting with YOUR people and fulfilling your soul’s purpose

  • You’re not sure what the gifts of your rebellious nature even are or what you have to offer the world - but deep down you know you weren’t built for the traditional path that you’re currently walking


Rebel School will change your life by:

  • Giving you tools to heal the hurt of being labeled the outcast so that old patterns stop holding you back

  • Teaching you innovative skills to help you re(discover) your voice so that you truly understand who you are, what you have to say, and why it matters

  • Providing a plan to help you find and align with your personal mission so that you can take action and create the changes you desire in all areas of your life

  • Giving you access to local experts in your area who can help you translate your vision into concrete changes in the world

  • Helping you find clarity on how to create and maintain boundaries so that you can truly prioritize yourself and your dreams

  • Providing tools, practices, and exercises that you can use again and again for clarifying your vision and translating it into action


Rebel School is a 3 month program that includes:

  • 12 weeks/12 sessions

  • 3 1:1 coaching sessions with me

  • Online using Zoom

  • Messaging support for 3 months

  • Your investment is $2400 

We start January 9, 2019! Don’t miss out!


Pay in Full: $2400

Payment plan: 3 monthly payments of $820


Need more deets? Send me an email at

In the email let me know:

1.What your biggest struggle is right now.

2.What you have tried to take action on that hasn’t worked.

3.What you hope happens as a result of this group experience


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