Roadblocks, justice, and finding your calling – Monday Mayhem

When we engage in advocacy and speak our truth, sometimes we hit a major roadblock. Mine is my “good girl”. She is an expert at saying, “shhhhhh, be quiet, sit down and shut up before someone sees you.” Feeding into this mindset can stop us from taking action.

When women engage in advocacy and speak our truth, sometimes we are told we are wrong and women really hate being told we are wrong. Feeding into this mindset can stop us from taking action.

Pitting women against other women is critical to the survival of the patriarchy.

Do you know what your calling is? Is your hope for 2018 to show up and tell it how you see it? Are you desirous of a deeper relationship with advocacy in your community?

Here are 5 things you can do to keep advocating despite your inner and outer critics:

  1. Don’t be rigid in your opinions. When someone offers you a different point of view, thank them and consider what they are saying.

  2. Humble yourself to the experiences of others. When we are speaking our truth it is important to bear witness to the pain others have experienced because that is their truth.

  3. Remember justice work is complicated. The reason we engage in this work is likely because our lives weave an intricate tale of hardship and marginalization. The people we work with have their own story…hear it.

  4. Do a gut check. How are you called to BE in this world? Are you authentically tapped into your jam? What is your gut saying about your actions?

  5. Say it how you see it. Love and vulnerability are powerful advocacy tools. Coming from a space of loving kindness can break down barriers and help you speak truth to power.

Being real while we resist can be complicated. That doesn’t mean we should give up, it means we should did deeper in why we are called to do this work. Resist, insist, and persist on a better America. Do epic shit.

Start some mayhem, raise some hell! Dr. Melissa Bird

Do you want to bring Dr. Bird to your community for a fundraiser, special event, or workshop? You totally can! I am booking events for the Summer, Fall, and Winter of 2018. Send me an email at and let’s chat!

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