Eff Sh*t Up Friday – 2 Secrets about me

Secret #1I used to be terrified of public speaking. When I was in my speech and debate class I would literally throw up before having to get up in front of my little class of 15-20 students. It was silly. I had grown up with these people. We knew each other well. My teacher would even sometimes hand me a trash can so that I could throw up and move on.

I remember the first time I chose to speak in front of people as an adult. I volunteered/was asked to speak at a rally at the Utah state capitol in opposition of our marriage amendment. I was becoming well known in the LGBTQ community as an activist and a leader.I typed my notes and practiced a million times. I was shaking so hard I felt so sure I would fall over from all the shaking. I wore pearls and a suit. I felt ridiculous. And then there I was telling my story and no one booed me or laughed at me and I even got some hollers and some cheers.

That was the beginning of my speaking career and guess what? I still get nervous. I still shake. I still type my notes and print them in big font.

And guess what else? I LOVE PUBLIC SPEAKING!!! I love a microphone, I love a stage, I love making people laugh and cry and cheer and applaud.

Here are some of my favorite speaking highlights!

This is what I was born to do. Can you imagine how the world would be if I had stayed afraid and throwing up in a waste basket? I would have stayed small. I would have stayed invisible. I would have not been the true me.

I know taking risks can feel like the end of the world but trust me on this dear reader, it is usually the beginning of a fucking miracle.

This Friday resolve to give the thing you have been holding back on some light…follow your passion…explore your jam!

Secret #2I play candy crush saga when I am procrastinating. Have you been putting off signing up for my newsletter? Why ever for? Sign up today! Click here!

It’s Friday, fuck shit up y’all, Dr. Melissa Bird

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