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Collection One

Healing the Witch Wound & Making Peace with Religion

All or nothing thinking creates chaos, disorientation, and sadness in how we identify ourselves as women. In order to live in the fullness of who we are we have to heal the wounding of our soul.

In this masterclass you will learn how to gain confidence in your magic, identify your witch wound for optimal healing, and reconcile the pain that religion may have created in your life


Feminism and disruption: Finding joy in upheaval

Feminism is the quintessential "F Word". The stigma associated with it keeps people from embracing its values and when we do embrace its values people assume we are man-hating angry people.

In this masterclass, we will explore what feminism is, how to find joy in it and ways you can disrupt the status quo with grace

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Maiden, mother, crone: The many faces of womanhood & identity

No matter where we are on our journey through life at one point or another we embody each one of these life stages.

If you are ready to release toxic self-expectations, if you are plagued by the need to put others first, if you are conflicted about your confidence and wisdom, join me to learn how to untangle the knots of the feminine identity and move forward with more certainty in your life.

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Collection Two

Rebellion: Are you ready to revolutionize the way you do your work?

This masterclass is a deep dive into the myth of imposter syndrome, calling in joy as a tool of rebellion, and learning how to use your intuition to connect more intentionally with your core rebellious purpose. You will leave this class knowing how to harness the magic that is unique to you so that you feel more confident in taking risks to express yourself in your life and your work.


Christian Witchcraft:

Have you spent your life grappling with original sin and the messages you have received your entire life about what it means to be a christian woman? Do you fear the power you carry inside yourself and regularly deny your calling? Join me for this dismantling of the either or dichotomy that is keeping you frozen from your true nature. In this class we will explore original sin, the temptation to deny yourself, and how to identify your divine assignment.



Unfucking the Patriarchy in Your Brain:

Do you regularly find yourself doing things because you think you "should"? Are you constantly telling yourself that there must be a better way but each time you try to move forward you just get stuck worried you are going to fail or disappoint others? You will learn how to identify your too muchness and gain valuable tools so that you can tease apart how to trust yourself and dismantle the patriarchy in your brain.

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*Upon purchase you will be sent an email with a link to all of the recordings for you to access and watch at your convenience.


"Missy helped me realize how hard I'd been holding on to certain ideas about myself and how the world should work. 


If you need a vital, catalyzing jumpstart towards sustainable life change and personal growth. Missy doesn't mess around."

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up to work with Missy, but I ended up with more knowledge, support, direction and overall rejuvenation of my personal power than. I had ever expected."




Dr. Melissa Bird

As a life coach, author, and fiery public speaker, Dr. Melissa Bird has given hundreds of speeches and workshops across the world, including speaking to audiences at universities, national conferences, and churches.


Her combination of education, real life experience, and practical advice makes her a powerful force of change in the lives of the people she speaks to. Past audience members have described her as “fierce,” “revelatory,” “life-changing,” “enthusiastic,” and “inspirational.”


Dr. Bird creates the genesis for a new brand of leadership and graceful revolution. Her words awaken revolutionaries, trailblazers and powerful innovators in the quest for justice. When she’s not building her public speaking business, she can be found reading trashy novels, drinking fine whiskey, playing mom to three delicious humans, and loving her punk rock scientist James Thomas Kelly.