Public Speaking

I believe in the power of telling our stories. 


In a world that often feels disconnected, I believe that true revolution lies in connection with others and sharing our lived experiences.

Thousands of people across the world have listened to my teachings, and I'd love to share my message even further.

I know this is just the beginning of a revolution.



SPEECH 1: Heart Of The Warrior

This keynote speech takes participants through the 8 elements that each person can embody to:


  • Heal their shame and wounding

  • Embrace their natural default setting of surviving and perseverance

  • Learn how the 8 elements can lead to transformational change


Participants will be empowered to move through their fear so that they can fully embody their divine purpose and engage with their gifts in a loving and compassionate way.


This 45 minute keynote presentation will give audience members practical advice that will transform the way they engage with others in the world. It will create a sense of grounding and peace through healing and it will provide participants with spiritually expansive tools so that they may embody the warrior spirit within.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Online and in person empowerment conferences, centers of spiritual transformation and churches, women in business.

SPEECH 2: The Graceful Revolution


This keynote speech takes participants through the 5 key elements of engaging in graceful revolution.


Audience members will:


  • Learn how to disrupt limiting thoughts and beliefs about their purpose

  • Dismantle the myth of imposter syndrome

  • Heal patriarchal shame and wounding by understanding the real original sin


Participants will learn about a new brand of personal advocacy that takes them through a process of identifying their shortcomings, clarifying their passion, making peace with their many identities, and dismantling the power structures that keep them from thriving.


This 45 minute keynote presentation will give audience members the tools that will transform their lives and communities. It will empower them to embrace their inner rebel, while giving them the opportunity to imagine living in a world beyond mere survival.


TARGET AUDIENCES: Colleges and women's groups, camps and healing retreats, women in business


I LOVE to talk to passionate people from all walks of life about a range of topics including:

  • The Graceful Revolution

  • What being a heart-led warrior and standing up for what we believe in truly means.

  • Why being a witch is the mother f*cking best thing ever and so much more!

Some of the podcast I have been featured on include:

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 4.23.26 PM.png

"Melissa is, and I don't want to understate this, an absolute goddess to work with!


Typically at the Chamber of Commerce we have speakers who are authorities on their topic, leaders in the field, and experienced speakers. Too often, however, they are willing to get up and talk without that crucial ingredient that the modern chamber member craves: personality!


I have organized, sat through, and worked with an infinite number of speakers over the years, but none have been as captivating, confident, or downright fun as Melissa. Out of all the speakers we've had, she has been the one that we've received the most comments about, the most feedback on, and the most request to have back.


If you're a 'traditional' organization, that is too buttoned up for fun, and too rigid to entertain while learning, or too serious for change, then the Natural Born Rebel is not for you. If hair on fire, kicking ass, and thoroughly engaging with the modern business community member is more your style, then you need to pick up the phone and make the call."


- Simon Date, President/CEO, Corvallis Chamber of Commerce


To book me to appear on your podcast or deliver a keynote speech at your event please reach out via 
the form below with more details and I will be in touch soon.


Love, Missy x