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I believe in the power of telling our own stories. 

By sharing our lived experiences we join the ranks radical trailblazers who refused to be defined by the limits of old dogmas and oppression. In a world that feels disconnected, the true revolution lies in connection with others. I am humbled as I travel across our magnificent country, speaking to fellow revolutionaries and leaders, as we stand on the frontlines of our Graceful Revolution.


Advocacy is about engaging in acts that bring about sustainable social justice to improve communities for future generations.

Building upon this foundational principle, my speeches accomplish the following goals:


  • Connection with the audience by telling my story of leadership, passion, and imperfection

  • Creation of hope and tangible action by telling stories of difficulty, chaos and change

  • Energizing the audience to connect to their core passions to identify how they can be a person of calling, purpose and destiny

  • Fostering the creation of change in individual lives and communities by encouraging courageous action


Words assume life’s beauty when spoken for the common good. My passion for advocacy makes it easy to lend my voice to organizations committed to the causes I believe in, to raise money needed to continue our fight for freedom and to build leaders who are driven by the boldness to make a change in leadership and politics. 


I speak to create a new generation of individuals who are focused on change, are creators and participants in difficult conversations, are willing to share their uncommon stories, and are working to dismantle oppression in all its forms.


I'm a fierce, passionate public speaker and I have taught hundreds of workshops in Michigan, Utah, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, and Washington DC and spoken at nearly 20 women’s, business, and political conferences.

I’m available to speak at:
- conferences
- one-off workshops
- university events
- corporate trainings

- religious and spiritual conferences


Email me today to book me to speak at your next event!

"Melissa is, and I don't want to understate this, an absolute goddess to work with!

Typically at the Chamber of Commerce we have speakers who are authorities on their topic, leaders in the field, and experienced speakers. Too often, however, they are willing to get up and talk without that crucial ingredient that the modern chamber member craves: personality!

I have organized, sat through, and worked with an infinite number of speakers over the years, but none have been as captivating, confident, or downright fun as Melissa. Out of all the speakers we've had, she has been the one that we've received the most comments about, the most feedback on, and the most request to have back.

If you're a 'traditional' organization, that is too buttoned up for fun, and too rigid to entertain while learning, or too serious for change, then the Natural Born Rebel is not for you. If hair on fire, kicking ass, and thoroughly engaging with the modern business community member is more your style, then you need to pick up the phone and make the call."


- Simon Date, President/CEO, Corvallis Chamber of Commerce